New Rock64 user questions
(12-16-2017, 04:45 PM)jsfrederick Wrote: Am new to the Rock64 board and have some questions.

I currently have 3 Raspberry Pi 3's, one running NextcloudPI, one running PiVPN/Pi-Hole, an one Running Netatalk.  I am looking to replace all three with Rock64 boards.

I just received my board, a 32GB eMMC module, and the serial console board.  I have already flashed the eMMC board with ayufan's Debian Stretch pre-release image (yes, I know it's experimental).

Now I need to boot up the board.  I plan on connecting it to a TV via the HDMI port so that I can set it up.  I am unclear in reading up on this, if that will actually work and I'll be able to see the boot up process.  Do I HAVE to use the serial board, or can I use the HDMI connection to view the boot up process?

In theory, I should be able to just boot right up into the OS as I've already written the image to the eMCC board, correct?  My plan is to hook up a USB keyboard and use the HDMI connection to a TV for the short term.  Once I'm comfortable with the OS, and have setup SSH, I'll just use that for managing the OS.  Should all that work properly?

What other OS's whould you recommend I try? Since I'm using all three Rock boards as infrastructure servers, I am just looking for a lightweight OS that I can run the service on.  Most familiar with Debian, so Stretch seemed like the best choice.

Any recommendations on cases?  This will be sitting on a shelf in my office, so I like to have a case.  With a fan if possible.  I see there are HeatSinks available so will probably go that route too.

Thank you all for any assistance.

How about this ROCK64 case:

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