Using Rock64 as a firewall
(10-09-2017, 04:05 PM)jl_678 Wrote: So you have got me thinking more about this. Thank you. To be honest part of the goal was to get some web filters going and it just seems like the Rock would not be good for this.

Yes, it can do a basic firewall with the tools that you suggest, but it seems that the more full featured options require an x86 or equivalent.

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I think your looking in the wrong place as yeah the rock64 could very well do web filtering and prob best way to go is to install squid or many of the proxy / web filtering piggy in the middle stuff then use DansGuardian.
The balabit zorp stuff is prob the best if I spelt that right.

In fact you might of set me a little project of a ubuntu xenial shorewall webmin squid dansguardian snort lizardfs box Smile

It is a struggle with Arm64 finding binary repos but Xenial seems to be the best bet for the above.

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