Help debug my pine64A+ ubuntu/plex hangs
(09-21-2017, 10:55 AM)XaRz Wrote: Ok solved the cron

no need of root in the crontab line if I just edit with sudo crontab -e.

Now what about my syslog? it's a heat problem?

Usually all that is needed is a passive cooling device;  generally a 14mm x 14mm  aluminum heatsink with 3M thermal tape adhesive.   All of my boards are being used as servers of one type or another , and all of them have active cooling;  soft-pwm driven 5v brushless fan on either a PN2222 or 2N2222 transistor;  a 4N35 optical coupler may be used as well. 

The lack of passive cooling may or may not have anything to do with the eth drop;  although, throttling can be a networking problem, not necessarily.   Try the heatsink first ( any Raspberry PI heatsink will do ) and see what happens, then decide if you need active cooling also;  if you do, I can help you set that up.
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