Rock64 crash randomly during usb 3 copy with RAID1 drive
I would prob head to the Armbian forums as they are extremely dismissive of any form of multi-adapter setup especially RAID.

Also there are usb/sata chips that they will not touch with a bargepole.

I tried to argue for tests across multiple adapters and even though I argued those guys know there stuff and got the impression they just left it, to try, in a told you so.
Its only a mirror you are doing I still have to get my Rock to test as I think many are thinking in terms of multidisk storage.
See what they say about the VIA VL716 and also with the 3amp PSU and 2x HDD cable lengths, power connectors is this a problem?

Also the OMV (Open Media Vault) guys might be able to give you some pointers.

I was going to do the same and was worried I might have the same problems.
It might not be the Rock64 or image from Ayufan.

Maybe something like this is a better option
I just dunno but the NAS guys are extremely dismissive of many of the port multiplier / sata adapters.
Maybe a good powered hub with a common PSU?

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