upgrade paths?
this is mostly aimed for development of the pinebook, since the pinebook is upgradable by swapping mainboard/emmc/speakers and such.

are there any intentions of designing a faster mainboard? (as in: faster cpu, more ram?)

i think as a company you'lll need to invest in Research & Development as well, and not fully rely on the userbase (counts both for hardware and software).

i personally would love something like a higher clocked cpu (like a RK3288) with 4gb of ram (3gb will be a nice upgrade even).

yes i prefer more speed over more cores here, as i want to use my pinebook for compiling and emulation in the future.

i know this comes with extra heat and power draw, the battery is capable of that and i want to look into an effective way of cooling my current pinebook (as stated in another thread by me)

now my question to the community: what are your upgrade ideas?

my own wishlist:
higher clock cpu (1.6GHZ (or higher) quad core)
more ram (3 or 4 GB)
more storage options (for 128GB)
better charge options (12V, 2A would be nice and more compatible with universal charger blocks for on your desk)

nice to have extra's:
higher speed ram (LPDDR4?)
bigger capacity battery (perhaps multi cell, like 4x3500mah @ 3.7V?)
extra internal usb or 5VDC + 3.3V UART port (example: a MCU with some sensors to adjust a fan (as heat exhaust?) or backlight automatically)
extra 5V internal solderable header (5V class D amplifier)
i know the following will require quite some money to realize, but a standard SATA port (bootable) would be really nice to fir in a half slim sata drive, else i'd like to suggest EMMC 5.1 or UFS 2 Smile

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