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upgrade paths? - schepers_cp - 08-13-2017

this is mostly aimed for development of the pinebook, since the pinebook is upgradable by swapping mainboard/emmc/speakers and such.

are there any intentions of designing a faster mainboard? (as in: faster cpu, more ram?)

i think as a company you'lll need to invest in Research & Development as well, and not fully rely on the userbase (counts both for hardware and software).

i personally would love something like a higher clocked cpu (like a RK3288) with 4gb of ram (3gb will be a nice upgrade even).

yes i prefer more speed over more cores here, as i want to use my pinebook for compiling and emulation in the future.

i know this comes with extra heat and power draw, the battery is capable of that and i want to look into an effective way of cooling my current pinebook (as stated in another thread by me)

now my question to the community: what are your upgrade ideas?

my own wishlist:
higher clock cpu (1.6GHZ (or higher) quad core)
more ram (3 or 4 GB)
more storage options (for 128GB)
better charge options (12V, 2A would be nice and more compatible with universal charger blocks for on your desk)

nice to have extra's:
higher speed ram (LPDDR4?)
bigger capacity battery (perhaps multi cell, like 4x3500mah @ 3.7V?)
extra internal usb or 5VDC + 3.3V UART port (example: a MCU with some sensors to adjust a fan (as heat exhaust?) or backlight automatically)
extra 5V internal solderable header (5V class D amplifier)
i know the following will require quite some money to realize, but a standard SATA port (bootable) would be really nice to fir in a half slim sata drive, else i'd like to suggest EMMC 5.1 or UFS 2 Smile

RE: upgrade paths? - Wizzard - 08-13-2017

My wishlist: Snapdragon 835, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB eMMC Smile

RE: upgrade paths? - Luke - 08-13-2017

There will likely be new boards available for the PB in the future. If you read though the IRC log carefully you may find hints as to what is being considered ...

RE: upgrade paths? - schepers_cp - 08-13-2017

i never looked at the IRC channel, will look into that now!

also, sorry for double post: why not put the discussion on the forum as well? i don't know when it was posted so i basically need to reread the whole chatlog x.x

RE: upgrade paths? - tllim - 08-15-2017

We will plan for future PB mainboard upgrade path, currently exploring with Allwinner and Rockchip on their upcoming SoC that suitable for such task.

RE: upgrade paths? - machinehum - 08-23-2017

The coolest thing in my opinion would be greater access to the GPIO of the processor... SPI, I2C, USART would be awesome... in addition some USB pads on the motherboard to embed peripherals into the case. It would be really cool to be able to test sensors and other low level devices without having to use an external MCU.

Even if the future motherboard had an FPC cable embedded on the board that you could just drag out.
I'm going to test the SD card hack later on... that was pretty nifty