Building up to LXDE from Xenial-Minimal
Hi all,

As per the thread heading, I am in the process of building up LXDE from the Xenial-Minimal 0.6.1 image.

Let me tell you - so far it's been quite a trial! Smile
I am very close to having things running how I would like them, with a few exceptions that irk me.

At the present time I cannot get suspend working when I close the PB lid.
In journalctl I can see the following:

Jul 06 00:08:23 pinebook kernel: hall: (D) hall_isr
Jul 06 00:08:23 pinebook kernel: hall: (I) HALL_CLOSE
Jul 06 00:08:27 pinebook kernel: hall: (D) hall_isr
Jul 06 00:08:27 pinebook kernel: hall: (I) HALL_OPEN

So obviously the kernel is detecting the lid position changes.
How can I get the suspend working off this?  I currently have xfce-power-manager running (for a battery applet) and although it is set to suspend on lid close - it doesn't.

Anyone have any ideas?  


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Building up to LXDE from Xenial-Minimal - by falcon15500 - 07-05-2017, 06:11 PM

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