Boot issues: What todo when you muck up your FSTAB file

New Piner and forum member. Was adding an external previously formatted NTFS 1TB drive, and had issues getting read/write access. Managed to get the system into a non boot state. In the end, I managed to resolve the boot issue, but chose to switch to a new drive formatted with EXT3. No probs since.

In the interest of helping others, with a similar issue, here’s what I ended up doing. Will leave out what didn’t work, to keep the post shorter.

Didn’t have an actual spare Linux system, so I used a Vmware desktop system running Kali, running on my Win 10 laptop. The VM recognized USB devices, but didn’t recognize the larger micro USB caddy the memory card came with. Had to run out and by a new memory card that shipped with both a USB and larger memory card reader.

The Pine64 micro SD card mounted automatically on the Kali VM, and provided full access to the system folders. Ending the /etc/fstab file took seconds and Pine booted afterwards.

Thanks to some folks on the IRC channel for offering suggestions, everything came together in the end.

For those who have read this far, in the interest of sharing what my Pine is doing …

1.) Security system with Zoneminder
Running 3 cameras for now. External drive setup with symbolic links to hold the video.

2.) Local cloud with Owncloud
External drive setup as the main repository.

So far very positive things to say about the community and the product.


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