Webcam vs camera module on pine64+
(02-27-2017, 03:42 PM)dkryder Wrote: Mark, not to mention that the camera itself, the hardware circuit, might just be less than good. i'm thinking if that is the case no amount of driver work will help. ya know, some of the work in figuring this all out should be in pine64 court but i have seen no movement from them. have you heard of anything from pine64 about camera?

No.  I have two cameras from pine and both of them function ( mal-function ) the same way.  They both produce ok images in my playbox, they both get HOT in my playbox ( in fact, I placed a heat-sink on each of them ) and they both look like shit on gnu+linux;  I suspect that if the driver were improved ( if the camera doc were open ) then the pine camera would perform similarly to the pi camera(s).  

Yeah, I'm a little disappointed with the camera module;  but I'm using my pi(s) for the apps I had in mind ( mostly security, pet-sitting, and wild-life at night )
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