Mini-Tutorial to get a linux Desktop GUI working on Pine64+
(03-27-2017, 11:04 AM)Logan5 Wrote: Ok during setup, resizing of partition was unsuccessful and during install of KDE, I had to press "S" a couple of times to skip feedback errors, I suspect are related to partition size. took about an hour, to end at a blank Pinecone screen, no prompt, so I rebooted. It booted to a graphic screen with 2 windows, one is a command line prompt and the other is a console log for pine64. I attempted to resize by install gparted and it failed.  I am sure my disk space is limitation is part of my troubles. I will attempt to use the command line entries again in the partial GUI environment. If anyone has advice please advise..

Perhaps your sd card is not truly the size it says. I have run in to that problem with sd cards that were bought on amazon, and weren't any weird brand.

(03-28-2017, 02:20 PM)Logan5 Wrote:
(03-27-2017, 02:49 PM)xalius Wrote: Generally the repositories for many distros on arm64 are still work in progress, but it was a lot worse last year... you can however run 32-bit arm software (armhf) on your 64bit system...
May I ask, how do I get my on board bluetooth module working. In settings, it says "bluetooth turned off" then a button "fix it" that does not seem to do anything. should I try a USB dongle, or do I need to preform a task to activate my module? I am using wired USB for now.

When your at your regular desktop screen, go down to the chameleon click him then click install/remove software packages. There are a lot of things available, so focus on the Network/Communication software folders, it will be time consuming but you pretty much need to go through and read the summary of the various packages you find that pertain to bluetooth. I suggest anyone that has to do with Bluetooth drivers etc. select and install those, then update, then reboot. After your back go into your network setup and set up your bluetooth module.

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