Can't seem to change keyboard layout...
Hey guys

Got Ubuntu 16.04 up and running (thanks to everyone that worked on that Big Grin) but the keyboard layout is stuck in US whereas I have a Portuguese keyboard. /etc/default/keyboard returns the correct XKBLAYOUT="pt", and dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration seems OK, but the actual keyboard layout is still wrong.

For what it's worth, after keyboard-configuration runs, I get a couple of error messages saying "update-rc-d: start and stop actions are no longer supported", but I don't really see how that should affect the keyboard layout.

I've tried rebooting, doing this with and without sudo, with my standard user and as root, and nothing sticks Sad



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Can't seem to change keyboard layout... - by pqueiro - 08-17-2016, 04:21 AM

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