PinePhone only turns on sometimes
(03-25-2024, 06:44 AM)zvavybir Wrote: Since a long time my PinePhone only turned on by trying twice (i.e. pressing the Power On button, taking out the battery, putting it back in, pressing the Power On button again).  At the first turning on, the LED was shortly on and shortly thereafter the phone rumbled.  This was annoying, but not annoying enough to try to fix it.

But then I didn't use it for the last two weeks (as I didn't need a phone during that time) and now even trying it twice doesn't work reliable (I did get it on twice still, so I'm pretty confident that it's still possible, but I don't know how and I sadly turned it off yesterday).  The failing starts still looks like back when trying twice worked (i.e. LED+rumble).

I'm pretty confident that it's not a battery issue because the same thing happens with only the battery in, with only a (good) charging cable and with battery and charging cable at the same time.

Googling didn't help this time (the first of the two times I got it to work was after trying to push the Reset Button as I read on the internet, but this seems to just have been an accident – or at least it doesn't work now), so any help is appreciated, thanks!

I solved it.  It was the same problem as I had some time ago:  I somewhat damaged the SD card pins which means it couldn't read it.  Putting the SD card in correctly solved it.

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