bluetooth wifi bugs
So im going to put this out there, but i think and im not a security researcher but would it be possible for somebody who is to go over the wifi and bluetooth code and look for any exploits that say might allow a hacker to access the wifi and or bluetooth chipset when the wifi or bluetooth is turned on and not connected to any network. 

I mean this as say when you turn the wifi or bluetooth on but dont connect to any network and use a hacking tool like airmong or something different in say kali or custom build tool that looks for signals in the air and allows the tool to connect to that wifi or bluetooth signal in the air and exploits that chipset to make a connection to that device. 

Also does for my knowledge right now when the wifi or bluetooth is turned off or it appears to be off, is the chips still on giving off a signal when it should be off, there might be a malfunction there that allows the chip to appear off when it is not.

Note: OS is arch. 

I thought i would bring these issues to the forum for somebody who is a security researcher to check them out. Thank you

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