serial cable 2023 thread
(07-19-2023, 06:56 PM)tllim Wrote:
(07-18-2023, 02:54 PM)bsammon Wrote: So... is anyone selling a proper (fully compatible) serial console cable for the Pinebook pro ?

My impression from reading older threads is that 3.0V is ideal, 3.3V usually works, and 5.0V (which the Pine64 store was selling as PBP compatible) is unreliable.

Have any stores stepped up to sell proper cables for this?

Does everyone just have to solder their own cables together?

I want to experiment with alternative bootloaders and maybe firmwares, and it sounds like a serial console would be essential for when things inevitably go wrong.

You can use this PinePhone serial console info on Pinebook Pro: Just the speed set to 1500000.

The ready cable can be acquired at Pine Store:

Thank you! I had found a $15 cable on Amazon and a $25 cable on Mouser (in the USA market), so this is better.

Note: it would be good to mention on that Pine Store page what voltage that serial cable uses.  I'm going to give Pine64-company the benefit of the doubt here, but it would be good to be explicit.

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