Should I just never use the PP keyboard?
(09-03-2022, 02:11 PM)bosi564 Wrote: I've had similar problem.

It's mentioned above, but also in the wiki - try to "squeeze" or "press" the place where screen and the pogo pins meet. If the
keyboard is being charged (or it's fully charged) and if the drivers are new - the phone should report it's charging now. If that happens - you can try to fix the loose contact with the shim trick described here:

Also, (i'm not sure if it'll be necessary) try to press the keyboard button to activate the charging functionality if for some reason, the board's firmware decided not to try to charge the phone.

I should report that I use mine regularly since a few months ago. I've seen "the sticky keys" issue before, but not recently as far as I can remember.

I don't think that's going to help my keyboard, unfortunately, as it was working fine for months and just stopped. I've tried squeezing it so hard I was worried I might damage it. Nothing. Also when I used to charge the keyboard it would get very warm. Now when it's plugged in it doesn't warm up at all, suggesting little to no charge going in. I may try to shim the pogo pins as I have nothing to lose but I don't see how it could help in this case. Sad

I'm contemplating opening the keyboard up and seeing if I could take the battery out and replace it with another smaller battery and charging circuit, separate from the keyboard circuitry, but I'm not sure how I would power the keyboard in that setup. I may just buy another keyboard but I'm disappointed how many people seem to be having similar problems to be honest.

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