Faulty Pinephone add on Keyboard. Support Ticket: Id #12442
Yes after months of the keyboard working fine, I now have a similar problem. I can't charge the keyboard anymore and it won't charge the phone. Pressing over the location of the pogo pins doesn't help. The keyboard doesn't even warm up anymore when the cable is plugged in, so I suspect the charge controller chip is damaged or dead.

I'm not too confident soldering surface mount components otherwise I'd try and replace the chip myself.(Edit: I've just seen how many pins that IP5209 has!) My keyboard still works at the moment (just won't take or supply any charge) so I was wondering if anyone knows if the keyboard can work by taking power from the Pinephone over the pogo pins? I mean, if the charge controller chip and battery were completely removed, would it still work as a keyboard? Edit: It looks like it would, going by the information provided in this article.

If so you can buy small charge controller circuit boards quite cheaply so maybe replacing the battery with a smaller one with such a board could work. It could then either have its own USB output that could be plugged into the phone to charge it like this guy did or maybe there's a way to safely wire that in in place of the old chip. Edit: You'd probably have to cut the power outputs of the IP5209 for safety.

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