Making a call in Phone kills PPP phone
Placing a calll in "Phone" or "Phonebook" now kills the phone completely to a black screen immediately.  Reboot is necessary.

When I first got phone and got it to boot, I tested Phone and it worked fine.  I use Consumer Cellular sim card.  This worked fine on previous PP.  Cellular network in settings shows sim card operating properly.  Initial calls worked fine.

Since these initial tests of phone,  I have done a major system upgrade with pacman.  I have also added a contact list to Phonebook using kdeconnect.

I am thinking of undoing the upgrade (approx 390 packages) to see if phone comes back.

Also, perhaps reinstalling phone and phonebook if I can find the file names.

Anyone have any further ideas?

Perhaps reset the RE switch which I don't know what it really does, then reboot????  Gotta get back to where I was.

thanks,       tom kosvic

I did find out that incoming calls are working

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Making a call in Phone kills PPP phone - by tckosvic - 02-01-2022, 08:42 PM

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