Ringtone not working through external speaker...
(02-20-2022, 02:09 PM)KABA Wrote: I'm also running Arch, sound went haywire a couple weeks back, I've been doing updates every few days waiting for it to be restored,

tried messing with settings, installing some sound software, its working very poorly, external speaker won't work at all, which ironically was one of my gripes about the phone previously, so loud people could hear themselves

IDK, pretty much over this, earlier today I  was shopping Graphene, Nitro and overall just seeing what else is out there, the upside is that having a crap phone does discourage people from bothering you ;<)

My external speaker stopped working soon after I bought my phone. I bought the replacement speaker assembly and easily replaced it myself. I think it was $12 and some shipping. The old speaker had some of the soldered connections separate from the ribbon cable. I like the PinePhone and know it will take a while to improve it. I had Mobian before and Arch seems so much faster and Waydroid was so easy to install.

My settings seem to be just fine. I have the latest updates. If someone can explain to me how the notification system works and how this can trigger the external speaker for ringtone, I would appreciate it. Maybe there is a bandaid app that can trigger a selected sound file when a particular app notification appears.

Right now, I have JMP.Chat (VoIP) on my Cheogram.apk app running in Waydroid. It makes calls to landlines and cell phones, SMS, images, for $2.99 a month. It has replaced my cell service. I do all this over internet. So far it has been stable. If I can figure out how to get the incoming call ringtone to use the external speaker then switch back to earpiece for the call, then I am good to go.

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