Handwriting recognition?
(08-23-2021, 12:28 AM)KJ6OHG Wrote: Will the PineNote have handwriting recognition software?
it would be useful if it could do something like Palm Pilot graffiti or like Windows PocketPC 3 ways to recognize handwriting. This would replace the need for a keyboard for my use.

From the PR https://www.pine64.org/2021/08/15/introd...-pinenote/ :

Quote:Edit for clarity, August 15 19:38 UTC: We’re seeing a lot of excitement and “shut up and take my money, I’ll throw out my other e-ink devices tomorrow!” responses to this post, but remember that we are a community of developers first and foremost. If you’re looking to buy a PineNote in the first batch, you must expect to write software for it, not to write notes on it.

That said, it will be technically capable of this functionality, it will just take time for somebody to develop.

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