Modem always disconnects after phone being dropped
Earlier today I accidentally dropped my PinePhone while trying to get it out of my pocket and after hitting the wooden floor there were a couple of cracks across the screen (despite the rubber case and the screen protector). I guess I would have to replace it soon anyway because of the screen delamination issue. Apart from some misbehaving keys in the bottom right corner of the keyboard (although that's not where the cracks are) the phone is functioning alright.

The only thing that doesn't work anymore, and that's a pretty major thing, is the modem. No matter how often I restart the phone or ModemManager, the modem just won't come up. I'm prompted to enter my SIM card's pin and then it vanishes. It's just like the known problem where the modem disappears sometimes, but now it's all the time. Looking at the dmesg output it shows the same symptoms: First the modem is attached and shortly after it is disconnected.

Does anyone have an idea how to troubleshoot and maybe fix this? At the moment I don't have the tools at hand to open the phone, but in a couple of days I will and then I can take a look inside too. But I don't know what the problem could be in the first place since the modem is soldered to the mainboard and those connections shouldn't be affected by a drop not that severe?

Any help saving me from buying a new phone altogether is appreciated!

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Modem always disconnects after phone being dropped - by kqlnut - 07-16-2021, 06:38 AM

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