No more standard shipping?
(07-15-2021, 09:10 AM)kqlnut Wrote: I noticed that the standard shipping option for $12 to the EU is no longer an option. I can only select courier shipping for $30. This makes it really unattractive to order from the Pine store since that amount by itself exceeds the minimum threshold over which you have to pay VAT in many countries and just the VAT on shipping would be another ~$6 (depending on the country), so about $36 just for shipping.
Are there plans to bring back the cheaper option (which still wasn't very cheap)? Or does the courier option has anything to do with the new VAT EU regulations that enable the seller to pay VAT in advance?

Edit: Tagging @Luke since the community probably doesn't know.
something weird is going on, but i got this for finland.

Subtotal $199.99

PinePhone Courier Shipping Method with VAT: $19.99

Shipping to *, Finland.
Change address
VAT $50.60
Total $270.58

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