Help! My PBP suddenly blacks out completely out of nowhere
(06-01-2021, 07:44 AM)tkudog Wrote:
(06-01-2021, 01:50 AM)fxk8y Wrote: Hello,

I have a big problem... 
Out of sudden, mostly when moving the PBP gently the screen blacks out instantaneously, only the backlight stays on. The only thing I may do then is to turn it off via holding the power key.

I have seen similar results in a different situation.  I sometimes sit in my armchair with my PBP on top of my MacBook on top of my lap.  If I move the PBP a little, the Hall effect sensor sometimes gets triggered by the magnets in the MacBook.  Any chance there is a random magnet around your set up?

Nope, it also occurs while holding the PBP in one hand and typing with the other while walking around my flat. Also triggering the hall sensor would mean it goes to standby(which I disabled for compiling software with the lid closed), it would return out of standby when removing any magnets. But this state is a final one which can only be escaped by holding the power key until the PMIC cuts power to the hardware.

Btw. I build the UART-Cable yesterday, but won't have the time for checking the output until evening  Sad

Kind regards,

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