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Hi, I have been long watching this product and waiting, and like many was glad someone finally chose the smartest choices to make it easy for developers AND users.  KDE + Manjaro is brilliant!

My UX/UI idea is mostly an idea about how to arrange a mobile phone screen so that it is just like using a computer.
I want to actually like using a mobile device, in the way i like using my computer.  If it was structured the same way, it would help it be more intuitive.


I hope it is clear.  This is a mockup, but the circles are 72px, spaced 20px apart.  I chose this for accessibility reasons, but of course users could decrease the sizes and fit more circles, as well.
Light grey represents your ~/Desktop.  This is handled by any file manager that handles it.
The top and bottom panels are again, any one that works.  The bottom panel would "Intellihide" and serve a purpose like many mobile phones but actually be useful, and let you use it like a computer, and add any other applets you like, etc.

Are there any filemanagers that currently support different sets of Desktop items per virtual desktop?
It would be really easy to implement for a mobile-only solution.  If it already has some sort of XDG standard, I apologize for not knowing Big Grin

Of course you could use a different configuration when the dock is plugged in.
It would be pretty easy for new users to figure out to push the big middle circle to find a program, even if they were inexperienced, it would be like the whole 'start' button thing.  Just make a nice big green Pinecone outline with an appgrid cutout Tongue
Anyhow, let me know if anyone is thinking along these same lines.

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