Looking For Pine Phone Operating System For A Daily Driver?
Still trying to use my Pine Phone as a cell phone, the closest I have came is calling another cell phone they could hear me but with the volume all the way up and holding my ear to the speaker I could barely hear them.

Have had the Pine Phone since 6-10-20 and have yet to make a phone call, send a text or take a picture.

At this point I either have a defective phone or Pine Phone has screwed me.

What are my options I am feeling the need to start a "Buyer Beware Of Pine Phone" campaign on several popular Social Media sites as the whole thing seems like a total scam to me.


WHO EVER set up these forums and defaulted "Do not subscribe to this thread" is NO GENIUS!

This sites administrator needs to set the default to "Subscribe and receive email notification of new replies" If I have to explain why you should not be the administrator, you should also be changing the option FONTS to be BLACK AND NOT LIGHT GRAY on a BRIGHT WHITE background, what are you trying to hide and why

Thanks in advance

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Looking For Pine Phone Operating System For A Daily Driver? - by K_Research - 02-27-2021, 01:57 PM

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