"Low Disk Space on Filesystem root" after installing Axolotl and Podcasts

please forgive me for making my entry to this forum with this very basic question (after owning the Pinephone (16 GB) for about two weeks and reading the threads here I have come to realise that I am probably way out of my depth).

My problem is as described above: After installing Axolotl and Gnome Podcasts, I get the following error message: "Low Disk Space on 'Filesystem root' The volume 'Filesystem root' has only 716,3 MB disk space remaining." That figure keeps changing and went down to a two digit number. At that point, Axolotl did not start anymore. I deleted everything I could (well, basically all my files) to come to the present 716 MB (Axolotl works again).

I tried to reproduce the problem on Megi's multi distro SD card. After upgrading Mobian, according to "Usage"/Storage", the "Operating System" took exactly 10 GB, "Home" 9 MB and the other directories 0 KB. After installing Gnome Podcasts, "Operating System" went down to 7,7 GB and Home up to 4,1 GB -- almost entirely due to a directory /.local/share/flatpak of a similar size. Uninstalling Podcasts did not change much about that.

On my main Mobian installation (not the SD card), "Operating System" now takes 7,6 GB, Home 5,8 GB and 1,5 GB are supposedly available (so considerably more than the 716 MB in the error message, according to "Usage"). In Home 4 GB are taken by /.local/share/flatpak, 908 MB by /go. Documents (146 KB), Downloads (63 KB) Pictures (42 MB) and other directories take relatively little space.

So my Pinephone has pretty much become unusable: I cannot save files for lack of space and even if I don't, the "Disk Space on Filesystem root" still tends to shrink for reasons I do not understand.

Any ideas what I can do?


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"Low Disk Space on Filesystem root" after installing Axolotl and Podcasts - by Anna - 02-24-2021, 04:27 AM

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