Disabling screen timeout for plasma mobile
The power management config file is located here: ~/.config/powermanagementprofilesrc

There are 3 profiles: AC, Battery and LowBattery. Both the DimDisplay and the DPMSControl (Display Power Management Signaling) parameter determines the screen timeout. It appears that DPMSControl sets when the screen turn off, and DimDisplay sets when the screen will be dimmed before being turned off.

To change it, you can edit the 'idleTime=30000' lines in the config file to the value of your choice for each profile (in ms), or use the 'kwriteconfig5' command:

To set the screen timeout to 10 minutes when charging:
kwriteconfig5 --file powermanagementprofilesrc --group AC --group DimDisplay --key idleTime 600000
kwriteconfig5 --file powermanagementprofilesrc --group AC --group DPMSControl --key idleTime 600000

To set the screen timeout to 3 minutes when running on battery:
kwriteconfig5 --file powermanagementprofilesrc --group Battery --group DimDisplay --key idleTime 180000
kwriteconfig5 --file powermanagementprofilesrc --group Battery --group DPMSControl --key idleTime 180000

To set the screen timeout to 1 minute when running on low battery:
kwriteconfig5 --file powermanagementprofilesrc --group LowBattery --group DimDisplay --key idleTime 60000
kwriteconfig5 --file powermanagementprofilesrc --group LowBattery --group DPMSControl --key idleTime 60000

A quick reboot (couldn't find how to reload the config file) and enjoy your PinePhone screen finally staying on for longer than 30s!  Smile

It should also be possible to change the suspend timeout using the same procedure:

kwriteconfig5 --file powermanagementprofilesrc --group Battery --group SuspendSession --key idleTime 600000

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