Is there an encryption package missing from mobian?
Hi everyone,

I just tried to access a luks sdcard and a luks usb stick from a pinephone loaded with the last encrypted installer image of mobian.

I ran nemo and saw the new drive on the left pane, but when I clicked on it and entered the luks password, it came up with this error:

"Unable to mount 31Gb encrypted  Error unlocking /dev/-mmcblk0p3 - The function bd_crypto_luks_open_blob called but not implemented"

I did some web searching and found instructions to do the following, which I tried:

sudo apt install libblockdev-crypto2
systemctl restart udisks2.service

This seems to work, and both the sdcard and the usb stick seemed to mount sucessfully in nemo.

Has the package libblockdev-crypto2 been forgotten, or maybe been left out for a reason?

Any feedback much appreciated?


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Is there an encryption package missing from mobian? - by rp3 - 01-27-2021, 05:16 AM

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