BSD host of issues on reboot from fresh install
(03-04-2021, 03:30 AM)MNtinkerer Wrote:
(03-04-2021, 12:54 AM)ashleymills Wrote: That sounds cool. I take it you'll use ZFS for the raid on FreeBSD?

ZFS, absolutely. RAIDz2 appears to be the solution to my needs. I've lost enough data to bit rot that data integrity is important, but am on a budget so having 3 arrays with 8 disks isn't feasible. Have you used ZFS, LVM, mdadm (Linux software for RAID), what are your thoughts between the three? I've used LVM, mdadm, hardware RAID0/RAID10/RAID5, and LVM on top of RAID. As a hobbyist the latter seems cumbersome to administer across multiple servers, so a hybrid like ZFS seems promising.

I've only ever used ZFS. My previous NAS had two 2TB disks in a mirror. It took about 3 commands to set that up using zfs. Personally I'm a massive fan of ZFS.

One of the disks actually failed so that was a good test of removing a disk and resilvering.


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