Making nextcloud sync work on the phone
(12-21-2020, 08:16 PM)3x5co Wrote: I figured that since Mobian is just running Debian, I could install the Nextcloud desktop client. However, the app doesn't scale even when I run scale-to-fit, and when I finally got it set up, it didn't apppear to do anything. Also, whenever the client loses focus, the whole app appears to shut down.

Is there a way to get nextcloud synchronization working with Mobian/Phosh?
I tore my hair out for ages over this, but I eventually twigged that there's a simple answer.  Go into Settings->Displays.  You'll almost certainly find that the Scale is set to 200%.  Change it to 100%, and you'll find that the Nextcloud app is now completely visible on the phone screen.  Mind you, you'll need to be a bit nifty with your fingers as the text etc will be correspondingly smaller, but once you've finished the Nextcloud setup you can take the scale back to 200%. 

You'll then need to go into the Nextcloud app and set up the folders to be synced, and then wait awhile while the initial syncing takes place.  Depending on the sizes of the folders to be synced this could take quite a while.  The other thing you'll probably want to do is set Nextcloud to start on system bootup. 

It all works a treat - your Nextcloud drive will be completely visible in Portfolio and to all other apps (Document Viewer, Libre Office etc).

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