Java Installations and Compatibility
I can add a few things I learned today. The hardware interface I was using wasn't recognizing the serial-to-usb cable though Linux was correctly loading the driver and assigning it to ttyUSB0. I asked the company about it and they said they've had trouble with openjdk and could I try the official Oracle version?

That led me to learn how to switch the java runtime in Arch/Manjaro: the archlinux-java command. It showed that my default Manjaro installation had openjre versions 8 and 15 and that 8 was set to default.

Opening that hardware program take 5 minutes 48 seconds using the default version 8. Version 15 takes just 22 seconds! That's still slow to open a program, but wow what a difference!

I tried installing the Oracle version from the AUR. It isn't for aarch64, but in my experience adding 'aarch64' to the build file often works. For the Oracle JRE, it compiles after adding that, but the java program wouldn't run.

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