Latest modem firmware breaks voice calls
(11-19-2020, 10:29 PM)Subsentient Wrote: Hi, I suspect that, as expected, the update reset your modem's configuration settings.
Please carefully re-read this thread:

You may wish to try booting a more modern OS image with a 5.9 megi kernel, as it should set the relevant settings for you.

thanks, but that's definitely not the problem -- I'm on the 5.10 megi kernel, git checkout from today.

The problem seems to be that the modem just doesn't register with the carrier anymore after updating the firmware. AT+CREG? and AT+CEREG? show "0,5". AT+COPS=? shows (correctly) the list of available networks.
AT+COPS=1,2,"networkidentifierhere",7 says OK but doesn't connect, AT+CREG? remains at 0,5.
I suspect something broke/disabled roaming - I'm trying to connect to a German cell tower with a Swiss SIM card. This worked before playing with the firmware though.

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