Tweak for charging through USB3 ?
Hi all,

I received my Pinephone a few days ago, installed mobian on it, and noticed I could not get the battery to fully charge while plugged to a USB3 port.
"Power supply" was showing me "Current limit : 0.5A", although I know an USB3 port can deliver much more.

So I went looking for a solution and ended up simply tweaking this current_limit by putting

After that, yeepee! my phone is now charging a lot faster and finally approaching 100%.

But the thing is, I really don't know what I am doing there, and since I found a lot of posts about charging issues, I can't believe the solution is that simple.

So is it safe to change this input_current_limit ? Can I put that into a udev rule and consider the problem solved ? (i.e. : I can finally charge my phone simply by plugging it to my USB3 port) or do you guys see anything that can go wrong setting this input_current_limit manually ?

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