I don't like heart rate sensors.
I don't like 'em and I don't trust 'em.

I used to have a pebble watch and I wore that thing for years! Best watch I ever had, I was disappointed when the company got sold, support slowly dwindled and now it's just over.. Last year, I got a Fosil hybrid which was nice-looking, but I just don't want that flashing green light on my skin all day. Every smart watch has that "feature" now and it can't even be turned off! On top of that, you have to agree to the companies collecting and selling your biometric data to unknown entities, maybe they're even selling it to THE BEAST. Who knows?! So, hopefully the pine time could fill the void Pebble left behind. Let us buy a model without the heart-rate monitor, or be able to switch it off and have a bit more control over our privacy, if that's still even a thing.  Big Grin

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I don't like heart rate sensors. - by 11Eleven - 11-05-2020, 06:21 PM
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