Dormant Projects and Hardware
It is a shame to see the Pine64, Rock64 and PinePro64 no longer being pursued by developers and enthusiasts. Posts to these lists are few and far between. But I understand that passion needs an object of desire and these no longer deliver. Other projects present an appealing challenge.
It would be nice to do more with these great tools. How to reach a wider audience with their potential? We need people who can think outside of the PC world with ideas from left of field, that have been ignored or abandoned by others. The Rasberry Pi has many of these fans. I wish some would come here and take the hardware to new places in science and engineering. My own bias is to see Fedora, and OpenSuse and other mainline distros available to try and reach the wider audience, perhaps with mainline kernel support. But this may not be necessary for some technical projects. What about a competition to find the best new projects for this under-used hardware?
My 2c.

Proud owner of Pine64, Rock64, Pinebook Pro.

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