Unsure how to install, help needed
(08-03-2020, 02:02 PM)GloriousCoffee Wrote: Ok, so I got it to work finally. The documentation for PostmarketOS could be better.
My solution (if anyone finds this post and has the same issue).

1: Created first partition on SD card with 128mb size, ext4.
2: Created second partition of remaining size, ext4.
3: Ran python3 pmbootstrap.py install --fde --sdcard=/dev/sdc

Although installed plasma-desktop on it, wasn't the best idea apparently.

I tried clearing out ~/.local/var/pmbootstrap/ and re-running the installation but it quits:
[22:00:15] WARNING: The chroots and git repositories in the work dir do not get updated automatically.
[22:00:15] Run 'pmbootstrap status' once a day before working with pmbootstrap to make sure that everything is up-to-date.
[22:00:15] Done!

This without flashing the SD etc.
What can I do to start over?

Well, solution was easy.Is it possible
Don't follow the wiki, just grab img from https://images.postmarketos.org/pinephone/ and flash to SD. That solved everything.

I never had to partition the sd card manually. This is done by pmbootstrap when you run "pmbootstrap install .....".

If you want to start over again, remove the chroots with "pmbootstrap zap"

Update the repositories with "pmbootstrap pull". To update the apk index files run "pmbootstrap update". After that you can run "pmbootstrap init" again. This worked for me.

I wonder why your sd card appears as "sdc1" or "sdb". This was only the case when I connected the phone via jumpdrive to get a direct access to the emmc. When I plug in the sdcard into the cardreader of my linux laptop it appears as "mmcblk0" (the internal emmc as "mmcblk2"). In this case it wouldn't be a surprise that flashing the sd card was not possible, as jumpdrive runs from the sdcard.

Flashing the sd card with a prepared image is different to create your own image via pmbootstrap, where you can create your own username, choose additional software and enable full disk encryption.

If you previously flashed postmarket OS or a different OS to the sd card you should zero out the first MB of the sdcard, otherwise the phone won't boot from the emmc or pmbootstrap believes, that there is a existing pm os installation on the sdcard.

run: sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/<your-sdcard> bs=8k seek=1 count=4

And be sure it is your sd card and not your hard drive.

Finally, there is a great installation guide from pine64 with several installation methods:


Have fun with your pinephone!

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