wifi does not work - authentication problem?
Hi all,

I'm new to this forum - received my phinephone community ed. today and started playing around.
I previously collected experience using the BQ Aquaris M10 running Ubuntu Touch.

I tried to get wifi up and running on my pinephone but I failed.
I see several networks besides my own network. ifconfig and iwconfig shows the wlan0 device (unassociated) and I got prompted for the passphrase (so I think HW is okay, kernel modules are loaded). However after pressing connect nothing happened.
All prerequisites mentioned in the general FAQ thread in this forum are fulfilled. I also rebooted and entered the passphrase again. No effect. I very carefully checked my input to avoid typos while entering the passphrase.
Ubuntu Touch is the FACTORY version. 
My AC runs 11b/g/n - using Channel 12 (Germany) WPA2, PSK, AES

Does anyone else encounter the same problem? Maybe it's an auth problem? Does it make sense to edit config files manually to force connecting?

Thanks a million for your advice/hints!

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wifi does not work - authentication problem? - by pphone-newbie - 06-08-2020, 04:03 PM

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