I see that OpenBSD's man pages indicate compatibility with various GigE chipsets, but Asix AA88179 is not among them.

(1) Should an Asix AA88179 GigE with and/or without a 3-port USB 3.0 hub work on OpenBSD?
Amendment: man usb shows
axen(4)ASIX Electronics AX88179 10/100/Gigabit USB Ethernet device
so, my question is about both GigE and the hub working (well) together.

(2) Does the 100BT of the audio dac add-on card work on OpenBSD?
Amendment: From
10/100Mbps MegJack on Audio DAC POT board Datasheet -
I see ethernet as merely a feed-through from the board, but my original question remains.

(3) If unknown, shouldDoes the audio of the audio dac add-on card work on OpenBSD?

(4) That is, what driver does it use?

(5) And, worth a mention, does its audio work on OpenBSD?

(4) Can you specify other solutions involving USB 3.0 hubs with GigE?
(2) Haven't tried that yet.

(3) The I2S device ES9023 from the Audio DAC board is currently not supported by OpenBSD. So it doesn't work.

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