LCD panel shifted after delevery
I got my pinebook pro and I am quite happy with it, but there is one problem with my device:

when it arrived the LCD panel was shifted a bit.

Is there a way to fix the display assembly?

[Image: IMG_20201024_1344392c8ef4d5eee7277c.jpg]
I noticed the same thing during initial setup because the text was so small you have to look from below to see it.
My pinebook was shipped mid October.
I did a fix for this.
The panel is not even fixed into place, mostly held by double sided strips on the front cover.
The panel can move around a cutout area with a few mm on either side. There are some rubber spacers on the edges (left/right) and the magnet opposite the one in my pic (the sensor for this is between the USB and 3.5mm jack).
Seems when placing the screen in and taping the connector down, it would be natural to first push the panel up all the way (bad).
There really should have been a spacer on the top/bottom too. You can make one from stiff cardboard, I made one using double strips of tetrapak (pictured). Now all the pixels are visible without having to peak under the top edge of the cover. Still slightly too high on the left side. Maybe should have used 3 strips or it came loose or something.

Have to be careful, taking the panel out is annoying, lots of tiny clips and glue.
I ended up putting 4 sets of double strips ~3cm long along the top edge of the screen which left a top gap of just over 1mm.
You would have to take the entire front cover off as the glue around it would prevent you pressing the panel down otherwise.
Make sure to remove the glue strips off the top of the screen as because the screen is lower, these may become visible. Just stick them to the cover instead of the panel.
Clean the panel before closing everything up.



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