OpenHABian install failing
Good Day all

I'm tried to install OpenHABian yesterday on my Pine64+, but on first boot, it hangs at the wlan detection phase. 

A few questions:
1. Can I comment (#) out the wlan ssid and wlan psk settings in the openhabian.conf file? 
2. Will this allow the OpenHABian install to find my ethernet network automatically? 
3. Or do I have to make other changes on first boot?

I have tried the OpenHAB documentation, but found no fixes, only not to, include the ssid and psk settings in the  config file, then it should automatically go to your wired network for setup. But in my case this fails.

Any suggestions would be helpful.



Just an update:

-Found some solution link here, but the still not downloading the packages required for OpenHABian.

-I can ping and router has google dns enabled. So, can only assume its a timeout error now.

Will investigate further.

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