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I just got my 2GB board yesterday.  I would like to (eventually) use it I think for a simple File Server / NAS.  I have read through the forums that the software side (OS) is still rather rudimentary and is a work in progress.

I was wondering what my best options were for setting up a File Server / NAS (ie: just use a general Linux OS or a specific NAS build), and whether it's too early to look for specific solutions and whether I should wait a few months and try then or not?

Since pine64 does not have either sata or USB-3 support, you may be limited by the speed of USB-2. I would imagine the base LInux OS would have all of the necessary tools to create a file server. Once you get the OS/internet/USB disk support running reliably on the board, the fileserver bits are machine independent. A lot of the issue with running Linux is supporting things like the display. If you are running headless (no display), that simplifies a lot of things.

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