ethernet does not work with Android 5.1.1 Image Release 20160711 (Known Problem)
Why you would release build 5.1.1? When you said in few weeks back that Android 6.0 is on the way!
good work
Android 5.1.1 Image Release 20161019
i have to use static ip to get this to work on GbE lan
i got <10mbit on lan

thx for your hard word
(10-26-2016, 02:50 AM)Pepe Wrote: Why you would release build 5.1.1? When you said in few weeks back that Android 6.0 is on the way!

This is a test build for the GbE connectivity.
But we can also test it on Android 6.0. Anyway do you have ETA, when you will release Android 6.0 for us?
(10-25-2016, 05:18 PM)tllim Wrote: We will release an Android 5.1.1 build with GbE fix tonight (Oct 25, PST). The GbE issue is the network packet loss issue and need to finetune the TX/RX delay value.

Where is the link?
Here are all the links to the test imgs for your convenience :





Phoenix Card Img:
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

i installed Android 5.1.1 Release 20161019 yesterday.

Good News is that i could connect the pine64 to gigabit ethernet port directly and it worked.

Bad News is that my network bandwidth in pine64 did not go beyond 150kbps. Everything was so slow. Installing app via Playstore took for ever that i had to go back to the previous Android build.
Thanks for the links...
I checked on the wiki, not on the pages ;-)
When your testing new Android 5.1.1 Image release 20161019 , but i find the bug from Android 5.1.1 Image Release 20160711

can't setting network Static Network is broken ,  only can work automatically connect network 
2. youtube video is not 1080p , maximum is only can show 720p , just the hdmi can set output to 1080p or 720p , the actual resolution is 1280X720

this maybe you know , but i long time not come to here
If I am wrong please correct my content , thank !

1. Use Pine64 Running Ubuntu 16.04 Web Server ( LAMP )

2. Use Pine64 Running Official Android 6  for Media player
3. Use Pine64 Running Volumio Digital Audio Player

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