Google Chromecast and PinePhone?
(06-09-2022, 01:09 PM)biketool Wrote: How does one use a chromecast without getting Google involved?
I got one and tried to put a custom ROM onto it, but even with an unlocker loaded on an arduino I was unable to get the custom ROM uploaded.
Even then it seemed it needed to be involved with Google to get it to interface, though the custom ROM(android based if I recall) allowed hacking the scripting if required.
It seems that the chromecast, with the Google remote configuration method, brings the anti-privacy problems of a 'smart TV' in easily portable form.
I have no issue with a WiFi streaming video bridge but I want to have full and private control; no involving an outgoing connection to Samsung, Google, Facebook, Apple, Xiaomi, Huwai, or another company or government who wants to see what I am doing with my TV.
I have tried a USB-C - HDMI adapter and while Mobian is not really set up for dual monitors I am pretty sure it could be set up to mirror the phone screen with a little .conf file editing.

«To begin with, the target Chromecast with Google TV unit must be manufactured before December 2020 and the running firmware version needs to be below the February 2021 patch level.»

Unfortunately, we do not have such a device, but If someone reproduce this instruction it could change. A WIFI to HDMI bridge without big brother Google would be politically correct solution for the PinePhone, and make these old Chromecast devices precious.

A politically incorrect solution is to install Google Chrome on the PinePhone. Our Chrome Cast mirrors the desktop of our PC without additional installation steps.

Unfortunately, we did not find an uncontroversial usb-c to HDMI bridge, either. We had issues with three diverent devices which did not work, and we will try the political incorrect solution to install Google Chrome on the PinePhone. Privacy guys  please forgive us, and show us a better and robust solution.

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