Armbian and LibreELEC and AltLinux for Quartz64
>Ow i mean with booting from usb etc with the armbian uboot on a sd or emmc for le , what is the use of that ?

The use is simple, you can't start the system without u-boot Smile
(there is no u-boot in the LE and Altlinux image)

> special uboot for on a spi

To run with new systems, you need a new u-boot (which has the necessary functionality), but the new versions of u-boot-2022 have not been tested for installation in SPI (this is a very important and responsible process, if you write the wrong version in SPI, you get a big problem with restoring to the working version). The official versions of u-boot, which are tested for installation in SPI, do not know how to work with new systems, cannot run from USB. Adding up these conditions, we get the need to use an SD card or eMMC, where there is a new version of u-boot-2022 from Armbian with the necessary functionality.

>use the same version

I checked the same binary files in all systems - the result is the same. But I found another funny fact, in Alt Linux, when using systems with MATE, the result is high (200-300), when using the same system with XFCE\IceWM, the result is the same as in Armbian (110-120). But when trying to use MATE in Armbian, nothing changes, the result is 100-130. I'm not a 3D expert and I don't understand why the results are so strange yet. Smile

> i would glad to check it for you

well the use is not simple with 2 storage devices Smile

and there is no need to have 2 storage devices to boot a distro .

and again why force armbian that way !

and uboot is not more special as the emmc/sd/sata etc it is just a bootloader

so without wm and armbian even higher score .
New version 20220408-edge with kernel 5.18-rc1
version 20220412 with kernel 5.18-rc2 and 5.17.2
LE ver 5.17.2 and 5.18-rc2
New versions of LE 20220415. Now the image has a working u-boot and you can start the system without using additional media with Armbian. Smile
Ie, you can write the LE image to an SD card or eMMC and the system starts automatically. The USB startup option also works.
Important. The u-boot used in LE is fully compatible with running any systems from SD and USB media. You can have the LE version on SD\eMMC and run new versions of LE\Armbian\Altlinux from USB.
The new version AltLinux is 20220419.
A new procedure for preparing the system for an SD card (this option works independently, without an additional Armbian SD card).
The procedure for preparing the system.
Download the image,

unpack it, burn it to the SD card.
Download the desired u-boot option

(pay attention - you need to carefully choose the correct version exactly for your model). Write the resulting u-boot image to the SD card.
I pay attention, this is important, the recording order must be strictly observed - the first to record the system image, the u-boot image is recorded strictly after recording the system image, immediately after recording the system image.
Version ArmbianTV 20220419-edge with a 5.18-rc3 kernel and new version of u-boot-2022.04.

nice that say you got new images but no links ??

last librelec i see is from 0404 with links provided in this topic.
(04-21-2022, 03:38 AM)shaggy013 Wrote: Balbes150

nice that say you got new images but no links ??

last librelec i see is from 0404 with links provided in this topic.


Version 20220418 kernel for rk33xx uses 5.17.3, for rk356x uses 5.18-rc3.
Please note, now all the images for rk33xx and rk356x are in the same directory.

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