Has anyone tried the Android Xournal++?
Curious how viable the PineNote with android is right now, and some other users have reported KOReader is working well for reading. How's the mobile version of Xournal++?
PineNote with it's built-in Android is my daily driver for note taking. Nothing is perfect. I installed f-droid and then fennec to get going. Calibre works with the BSP Android just fine. Even side-loading Gboard and using its handwriting recognition works-ish. Obviously not optimized to use the NPU.

Xournal++, um, no. I tried it for a few minutes. Nothing seemed to keep up.

Much of this is because these generic pieces are not using the hardware as far as I can tell. But they work well enough that now I need to schedule backups and overall downtimes to try others. Even with the BSP, the PineNote is being quite handy for my night-time notes. And I turned off all the backlights. Main issue then is that you don't know when the power has run out... The screen is just frozen, as it should be.
(02-05-2022, 04:31 PM)jasonriedy Wrote: PineNote with it's built-in Android is my daily driver for note taking.

I find this really interesting, especially given the very early state of development.

Do you make handwritten notes? Are those converted to text somehow? Or do you do a lot of sketches / diagrams? Or do you mean you are highlighting PDFs and making notes, possibly citations?

I, too, am an extensive note taker. But my notes are mostly text, with tables probably the next most used feature. Almost never diagrams or pictures. So I use Emacs and Orgmode for this. Which works a lot better on a device with a keyboard than a mobile device with a touch screen / stylus.

So I'm just curious about your workflow I guess. I was thinking about picking up a PineTab on next production run, but maybe I should consider PineNote, as well.
I'm an Emacs + Org person as well.  But that's not always the most conducive even with capture templates.

Mostly I use my PineNote for taking notes during work meetings.  Being able to decide on the fly if it's a check-box item, a future planning item, or more is how I used paper.  But I'm an applied mathematician.
Somehow I totally glossed over (until now) that you were referring to BSP / Android (as opposed to Linux).

Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience. I guess I was thinking these devices would still be totally useless for a long time yet (even on BSP kernel). So, I'm glad to be wrong about that, I suppose. Smile

My guess on Linux would be, that we still have a long way to go though, per the usual...

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