How is your PineTab?
Hi all, I’m looking for some input.

How has your PineTab been holding up & does anyone have any up to date feedback?

I’m not worried about the Linux part, just curious about how they held up to daily carry/use. Need something to throw in my bag weekdays, for a 45 minute Impress presentation connected to an external projector in case the onsite laptop is dead.

I’m already a satisfied PinePhone owner and would love to be able to get rid of my Ipad next.

Looking forward to your replies.
Thank you PineTeam for your work!
Well, they have been out of production for quite some time. Remember also they are A64 based, like the original (non-Pro) PineBook and the PinePhone. So adjust performance expectations accordingly. I have been thinking about one too for a while, but have not been able to get one. Will they come out with (RK3399 based) PineTab Pro instead? Who knows. Main hold up at the present time are sourcing screens, due to well publicized supply chain issues.
Thanks for your reply.
An upgraded version would be great. I was looking at the availability & shipping status page, hoping it really will be q1/2022.
Thank you PineTeam for your work!
You and me both, brother.  Smile
I bought one in the forum here.
Any recommendations for the OS?

The default Ubuntu install is not really usable (trackpad not able to cover whole screen).
And for me it's unclear what to do with Mobian:
(11-09-2021, 03:49 PM)jiyong Wrote: And for me it's unclear what to do with Mobian:

I'm running Mobian (bookworm) with kernel 5.13 and it's working well.

There is an issue with the micro usb port not charging after reboot but after a while it went to normal. Additional blacklist an usb module in case of high cpu load/suspend problems  described here

I would say dd the latest nightly to a sd card and give it a try.....

Edit: Back to topic...I use my PineTab every day at home for some hours. So far no HW issues or something. If you handle it with some care I think it can last for a long time.
If someone "throws" it in the bag every day, maybe a little shorter Smile
I've kept mine on arch, and occasionally throw in the SD to see where Ubuntu Touch is at. It's held up well.
Thanks guys, just the info I was looking for.
Thank you PineTeam for your work!

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