What is your favorite distro+interface for the PinePhone?
PureOS (Phosh)
Sailfish OS (Silica)
Sxmo (Suckless buttons interface)
Ubuntu Touch (Lomiri)
Other (explain in comments)
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Poll 4: What is your favorite distro/interface for the PinePhone?
I'm curious what people say is their favorite distro and interface on the PinePhone. Because the forum software only allows 10 options in polls and I count 35 different combinations of distros and interfaces, I'm creating 4 different polls, and will combine the four polls when tallying the results:

Poll 1:
Arch Linux (Phosh)
AVMultiPhone (Mate)
Fedora (GNOME)
Fedora (Phosh)
Gentoo (Phosh)
GloDroid (Android)
KDE Neon (Plasma Mobile)
LuneOS (Luna Next)
Maemo Leste (Hildon)
Manjaro (Lomiri)
Poll 2:
Manjaro (Phosh)
Manjaro (Plasma Mobile)
Mobian (jwm)
Mobian (lxde)
Mobian (openbox)
Mobian (Phosh)
Mobian (xfce4)
Nemo Mobile (Glacier)
NixOS (Phosh)
OpenMandriva Lx (Plasma Mobile)
Poll 3:
openSUSE (Phosh)
openSUSE (Plasma Mobile)
postmarketOS (i3wm)
postmarketOS (Kodi)
postmarketOS (Lomiri)
postmarketOS (Mate)
postmarketOS (Phosh)
postmarketOS (Plasma Mobile)
postmarketOS (Sway)
postmarketOS (Xfce4)
Poll 4:
PureOS (Phosh)
Sailfish OS (Silica)
Sxmo (Suckless buttons interface)
Ubuntu Touch (Lomiri)
Other (explain in comments)

Please vote in one of the 4 polls. If you can't decide which is your favorite combination of distro/interface, then you can vote for multiple options. If I missed a distro/interface, please vote for "Other" and add a comment to this thread to explain your choice and I will tally it.

Results are tallied at: https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?...6#pid88876
I picked Mobian . Somewhere I read that that was some reviewer's favorite. The way he wrote it convinced me to try it. So I ordered the latest Mobian Community Convergance Edition Pinephone. Supposedly Mobian is the easiest for a non-techie like me to learn and use. Simple terminal commands are pretty much it for me. Luckily I have a friend who knows Linux very well.
(02-04-2021, 01:41 AM)j8m2p6f Wrote: I picked Mobian .

j8m2p6f, I tallied your vote for Mobian in the results: https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?...6#pid88876
Definitely Mobian. Nothing else is close to being reliable. I do like the KDE plasma interface. It's just not reliable yet.
For me it has to be SailfishOS's UI/UX. It's not drastically different and it's familiar enough to the point that it's usable (when it works).

It's also kind of clean and really simple. The Unix philosophy is "do one thing and do it well". A GUI can do many things, but it's supposed to let me use my phone. Only problem with it is it's closed-source.

Phosh is (in my view) finally an acceptable use-case and justification for Gnome's implementation. They catered so hard for touch-display design that this one finally sticks.

That being said, Phosh has a lot of leg room and can advance just as well as the others. Plasma Mobile actually functions as well as other high quality OS UIs like LuneOS and SailfishOS. Only problem is that it isn't always stable across the board. Phosh also isn't perfect in this regard but again, that's Gnome for you.

I'm honestly looking forward to both Plasma Mobile and Phosh to keep getting improved upon to the point that they are being invested upon akin to their desktop counterparts. It's a very hopeful wish but I think these projects are definitely worth it for the cause.
I'm enjoying hacking at sxmo on top of barebones Arch. I run dwm on my Desktop for the same reason.
Thanks amosbatto for making these.  I knew there were a lot of options, but was not aware of some of those.

On desktop, I was never a huge distro-hopper, I had settled on Debian almost immediately and been happy for some years now.  But phone interface is a whole another thing, and so the process begins anew.   Smile

Therefore, I am really enjoying reading people's comments and experiences about the different options.

What is Free Software and why is it so important for society?

Protocols, not Platforms

For the most Linux-y experience on your Linux phone, try SXMO!
I had hoped for more than 28 voters. I have tallied the results and have some commentary about the poll results here:

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