Wifi very slow on PBP Manjaro
My pbp  is 1 month old running default Manjaro it came with. 

I am able to connect to wifi but I am only gettting 0.33, and up to 1,5 Mbits/s. On the same connection my phone get 12+ Mbits/s.

What are some tips for me to debug this? I'm not even sure how to do the proper updates.

So far I've done all the updates in the software center, in whatever the UI system is on Manjaro (separate question: what is the UI/GUI called on Manjaro), and ran pamac update && paman upgrade and this did some stuff.
I followed this post to set the wifi regulatory domain on mine (from the 1st Manjaro batch):
Quote:separate question: what is the UI/GUI called on Manjaro

I'm assuming that you're asking what the default ManjaroOS Desktop Environment (DE) is, and based on your screenshot in the other post about vscode you seem to be running KDE Plasma.
You could try do downgrade the firmware,, ap6256-firmware to 2020.1-1
Sometimes this helps, actually that is what I am running
Can't help with details, there is a downgrade script that can be installed

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