UPDATED: 17-distro multi-boot image for Pinephone (incl. 3GiB variant)
(01-10-2021, 11:57 PM)Diagon Wrote: Boy, this is rather lossy forum software.  My whole post was eaten ...

Using your USB keyboard idea, I was able to update that second Arch distro.  Now I get one onscreen, but oddly while Manjaro allows dock + ethernet + power, Arch doesn't (???)  Weird.

I was also able to log into the first Arch CLI-only distro (alarm/1111).  I can't get the ssh server daemon started, though.  It's installed, but I keep getting status as "Active: failed."  It also won't accept dock + keyboard + power.

I'll definitely try out OpenSUSE.  And thanks for the heads up on the kernel differences.  If you have any suggestions for unofficial OS releases, I'm all ears!

Handbrake on PinePhone!   youtube-dl/mkmerge too.  Excellent.  (I noticed youtube-dl had to make some changes after google threatened github/Microsoft.  I didn't see what the changes were, but they couldn't have been good.  And MS couldn't stand up to Google??)
Your report of power problems with Arch dock + ethernet + power reminds me that I've run into similar problems (or maybe that problem specifically, IIRC) with more than just Arch. Mobian power features have worked well for me though ("official" Mobian on eMMC is what I mostly use).

You've headed down the ARch CLI-only rabbit hole farther than I've gone. Thanks for the report.

One of the things I like about Mobian is the huge number of Debian packages! I've found the Bullseye section and "search" feature of this site to be helpful: https://debian.pkgs.org/

I just use the mkvmerge CLI. The GUI scaling was problematic, even after executing "scale-to-fit mkvtoolnix-gui on" in the terminal. IIRC, "scale-to-fit handbrake on" was somewhat helpful, but using the handbrake GUI sometimes still requires flipping back and forth between portrait and landscape screens and also toggling the keyboard on and off. The handbrake GUI is much easier to use with a USB keyboard and a monitor but someday I'll learn how to use the handbrake CLI. I hardly ever tweak settings like I enjoyed doing in the past.

I also installed "libdvd-pkg", "libdvdcss2" and "eject." To successfully complete the build of libdvdcss2 that is initiated by "apt install", I recall that I had to add the debian bullseye contrib repository to /etc/apt/sources.list. After all of the above, the default settings in handbrake typically take a bit over three hours for processing. Smile

On another topic, I successfully installed OSM Scout Server and flatpack to obtain Pure Maps, but my GPS has been worthless. I think my PinePhone has a hardware problem (antenna cable?), because the SNR is always very weak on all sats--even at the best of times. I need to pop the mid frame out and have a look.


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