NAS mods: external serial port and power button
I wanted easy access to the serial port and a power button that I could use without a tool, so I made a few additions to my RockPro64 and NAS case.

As discussed here, the board has two through-hole pads that are connected to the on-board power button's leads. Shorting them to each other is equivalent to pressing the button. They're just the right size for a pin header, so I soldered one in.

[Image: pnQ7Y9v.jpg]

I then wired a matching jumper to a panel-mount button, which fit nicely through the case's IR sensor hole.

[Image: z1lihr0.jpg]

Here it is from the outside:

[Image: ECk90oU.jpg]

I wired another jumper from the serial console pins on the board's GPIO header to a 3.5mm female TRS connector (aka stereo headphone jack). It fit between the hard drive cage and the case panel, and just barely fit through one of the three semicircular case holes that come with rubber plugs. I covered it with heat shrink tubing as a precaution against shorts.

[Image: NpVCUmS.jpg]

Here it is from the outside:

[Image: deHHqr4.jpg]

Of course, I also wired a male connector to a jumper that fits my serial/USB adapter:

[Image: RsmmZxv.jpg]

I followed the wiring that FTDI uses on their 3.5mm serial adapters, so those should be compatible with my NAS.

From the board's point of view:

Connector Tip: RXD / RockPro64 pin 10
Connector Ring: TXD / RockPro64 pin 8
Connector Sleeve: GND / RockPro64 pin 6

This makes accessing the serial console pretty convenient. I can even use a standard 3.5mm stereo extension cable if I need a longer reach.

Parts list:
  • CW Industries GPB081A09R pushbutton switch, panel mount, M5 threads
  • CUI Devices SJ1-3513 3.5mm right-angle stereo jack, M6 threads
  • Adafruit 1800 3.5mm stereo plug
  • Adafruit 3141 ribbon cable with female/female jumper connectors
  • Adafruit 3145 jumper housings
  • TE Connectivity 5-146281-2 single-row 2-pin header, 2.54mm pin pitch
  • Heat shrink tubing that I already had
Looks good. So, the already existing power and reset spots on that case - do they not connect to anything?
it doesn't get happy
it doesn't get sad
it just runs programs
Those buttons both seem to work well for me on that board - do you have an earlier version? I just got my RP64.
it doesn't get happy
it doesn't get sad
it just runs programs

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