D2K, my own experimentation fork of Mobian
I've created a fork of Mobian for testing purposes. I've built my own personal images with this for a few days now and I thought I might as well share it for anyone who's interested. I'm not supplying binary images for two reasons;
  • This is not meant to replace regular Mobian for end users
  • I'm stuck on a slow and metered connection
The build process is the same as for regular Mobian except you should use ./build-d2k.sh to generate your image.

The ultimate goal is to make merge requests in small pieces, but until then I wanted to have sort of a playground where I can push incomplete things I'm working on without breaking Mobian. Regular forks are great for single tasks but this quickly snowballed into several large pieces I want to test simultaneously. Some changes are more to personal taste as well, and should not to be pushed upstream.

Feedback welcome, feel free to pick out parts you want for your phone  Smile

Oh and during testing I also found a few issues, switching between upstream Mobian and my fork is a bit cumbersome so if anyone wants to confirm if my issues are unique to my fork that would be very helpful. You can find them on this page.

GitLab link: https://gitlab.com/Djhg2000/mobian-recipes

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